Different Types of Spare Parts You Should Buy and Store in Your Boot

When you think of buying spare parts, you probably assume that this will only be necessary when your car has an issue. Admittedly, several auto parts can acquire damage and will require replacing, but what you should bear in mind is that auto problems are not scheduled. Instead, they crop up when it is least convenient, and the last thing you want is to be stuck on the road with no ability to help yourself.

3 Of the Most Commonly Replaced Parts of the Truck

If you want your truck to serve you for many years and without expensive repairs, you must invest in regular maintenance. During these routine checks, your mechanic inspects all the vehicle components and recommends repair or replacement of those that are utterly worn out.  However, truck parts don't wear out at the same rate. Some depreciate more quickly than others. Here are three of the most commonly replaced truck parts.